Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Destiny or Fate, Allows the Devil to Predict Your Future

As fate would have it, the devil came knocking at my door.
"Destiny is of your choosing" he shouted at me. As I
pondered his odd but evil offer.

"I will predict your future for you", he said with a sly and
mischievious grin. As he tugged at his pointed beard. "All
you have to do is agree, to have 2 people read my report".

Was the Devil handing me my fate? Or was he guiding me
to my destiny? I've heard the horror stories of the old blues
players who sold their souls for fame.

I also heard the stories of the rich and famous who beat him
at his game. I can create my destiny and not leave it up to fate.
So I took him at his word and reached for the report.

He walked away laughing, "Two people" was his retort.

I must warn you the "Devil's Report" can be a bit scary.
But if your brave enough to glimpse the dark side, you can
read this free report.

You can't buy anything, And you can't sign anything.

Your fate is in your hands, if you dare to read the
"Devils Report". You have been warned!

Click this link to read the "Devil's Report"

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