Friday, December 5, 2008

What If We All Lived in a Yellow Submarine

That is how you can look at a yellow personality. They like
everyone and everything to be warm, happy, and comfortable.
They dont like confrontation, and despise bullies.

Know anyone like that.

You can spot a yellow personality a mile away. How? By the
bright warm glow around them. And the big smile and when
you get close enough, they give you a big warm hug.

They prefer to be naked

Well maybe not naked, but really comfortable. You wont find
them wearing tight fitting clothes, or red spike heels at the mall.
They prefer to be around friends and family, sharing warmhearted
stories about thier loved ones.
And saving puppies

Here's a good example. Let me introduce you to a yellow
personality who, they say gives the best hugs in the world. I'll
let you read her story and see how warm you get from her
bright smile. And feel the warm hug wrap around you as she
describes the love of her life. Click Here.

See inside the Yellow Submarine

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colors first hand with a free Teleseminar. There are no obligations,
there are no charges.
You just need this ebook "Success in 10 Steps".
And and open mind.

Your Friend in Success

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I like your blog very much. thought this is my first visit. Expect me more often here.

Great post. keep writing for more.