Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring For Free, Jack Humphrey and Blog Success a Five Pillar Comparison

I was listening to Jack Humphrey earlier this evening. He
hosted a webinar on "Making Money with Your Blog". And
at the end he was offering a 7 day Free trial to his new
membership site.

Blog Success

I think I will take him up on it. Because he is offering the new
version of "The Black Book for 2009". And a couple other
free bonuses just for checking out his system

On the webinar Jack was discussing his 5 Pillars for having
success with your blog.

1) Your Blogging Mindset
2) Your Content Development
3) Traffic
4) Monetization
5) Technical Aspects

When he makes the recording available I will put a link on my
blog for you to listen. But till then I suggest you check out
"Blog Success" for the "Black Book"

Business Success

Now there is another 5 Pillars, that we discuss alot in
Mentoring For Free. And these pillars have to do with what
you need in a network marketing company, to be successful.

Mentoring For Free's Saturday training call will be covering
these 5 Pillars

1) Company Management Experience with INTEGRITY

2) Timing in the Company, Timing in the Industry

3) A Remarkable Product (Your Purple Cow)

4) Compensation Plan for Part Time People

5) A Duplicatable System

You are welcome to join us on this FREE training call Saturday's
at 9PM Easten time. Register Here,

And I'll send you the call in information to join us.

Your Friend in Success

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