Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marketing Leaders, Losers, and Lost in Space

Marketing leaders can be found in any
type of business. They use subliminal tactics
of persuasion to subtly grab your attention
and draw you in.

Of course the idea was to put their names
and image in your mind, so when the
Olympics started hopefully you would be
watching for them. As they compete in their
specialty field.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger)

A couple of great examples of leaders in this marketing move
were Lyndsey Vonn, and Shaun White

Another marketing event the Tiger Woods press conference.
Designed to be an apology to the public for his infidelity.

Of course no one with any sense, can believe it has any
substance to it. It is designed to get your attention to watch for
the next golf tournament that Tiger Woods will compete in.

I also heard of a rumor that Howard Stern is in negotiations
to come back to the regular radio airwaves. I'm not much of a
Howard Stern fan, and have'nt heard much about him since he
went to satellite radio.

Could it be that lack of fanfare, that is drawing him back earth.

And of course this was designed to get people to start talking
about the proclaimed "King of all Media" again. Before the
real advertisements start to invade your mental arena.

Now I don't have a big ad budget for commercials, or magazine
covers. And I don't have an apology to hold a press conference
over. And I'm far from the "King of Anything".

But I do have access to a great book that can help you if you're
struggling to have success in your network marketing business.
It was written by my friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy.

You can get your free copy by clicking here "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

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