Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leadership by Determination, Being All In

The world is full of all kinds of
leaders. We have mothers and
fathers who raise us from infants
and instill their beliefs in us, be
they good or bad.

We have teachers who educate us
on the fundamentals of learning.
We have political leaders, who would
like to lead us in the way's they think we should live our lives.

We have militay leaders who mold
boy's and girls into disciplined
adults. Creating more men and
women of leadership caliber.
to mentor, coach, and train the
new recruits. In the determination
and ability of leadership

And we have sports leaders who inspire us to be great athlete's.

But the determination it takes to be a leader requires being able
to take the pounding you recieve from others who are not willing
to "Be All In" for the game.

Real leaders, the ones who stand head and shoulders above the
others. Are the ones willing to leave their comfort zone, and have
the determination to get back up after they've been knocked down.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

Brett Favre will be remembered as one of
the greatest quaterbacks of all time. With
all the records and milestones he has
achieved. His determination to be a
leader, stands out the most to me. In what
may be his last ever professional football
game, he was knocked down and beat up
more than ever before.

But his determination to lead his team, kept
him getting back up, time after time. That
determination to win at all cost, makes him
"Be All In" for the game.

Being a leader who is all in, can inspire those afraid to leave their
comfort zone to be led to heights of success they never dreamed.

My good friend and personal mentor Michael Dlouhy, is "All In"
for the game. And he is willing to mentor, coach,and train you,
to new heights of success.

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your comfort zone.

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So if Network Marketing is your game, and you desire to be
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Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

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