Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tale's, Toys, and Turmoil, A Day With Little Boy Blue

My son is nine and full of imagination, and a few other things.
There's also compassion, anger and most of all love. He is what
we in Mentoring for Free call a blue personality

Actually we just call them BLUE

I wake him up at 6:30 and he starts talking, even before he is
awake. Do you know someone like that? He has enough
enthusiasm to outlast the energizer bunny.

We just call them BLUE

He has big plans for his day, and he's doing five different things
except getting dressed for school. He's putting on costumes,
he's dancing in front of the mirror. He's gathering the prehistoric
treasures he found in our back yard.

He's really just a BLUE

Although the doctor's and scientist, and the drug companies,
call him something else. They come up with new titles every
time they come up with a new drug. At least it seems that
way by the commercials on TV!

entoring for Free was started by a BLUE

The Personality Colors
is the most popular, and definitely
the most interesting. Because it is something that everyone
can use. The four personalities are each explained in great
detail. Learn who they are and how they act, and react.

Believe it or not, it's true

Determine what color you are, and your family members.Learn
how to deal with people from thier view. Reduce the tension
created by personality conflicts at work. Learn the
secrets of personality colors in this free book.

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