Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Powerful Networking Secrets of Mentoring For Free, Provide the Colors to Success in 10 Steps

Why do we fight success? Because success
requires change, that's why. Think about it
we get our present results from our current
knowledge and habits. To get new results, we
have to learn new skills. These new skills are
unfamiliarto us, they're things we don't know
now, and they will require us to change.
And we all hate change!
We as human beings are creature's of habit, and we will fight
change every step of the way. So we keep using our same
knowledge, practicing our same habits and relying on our
old skills, and hope the results will be different. Someone once
said that is the definition of insanity.
Now here is something really uncomfortable.
After reading this, we have a decision to make.
1) We could choose to learn new skills- Mentoring For Free
2) Read a controversial book- Success in 10 Steps
3) Buy some CDs with new skills- Colors to Success
4) Learn something new, outside of our current knowledge
and comfort zone.- Powerful Networking Secrets
Remember, it is the things that we don't know, the things that
we think are bizarre or unbelievable, that have the best chance
of giving us the new results we want And remember, we hate
change. Just like our distributors, who unknowingly fight success
every step of the way.
Help them make the change to Mentoring for Free
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart

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Bill Tessore said...

Hi Gary,

You are so right about how we all feel about change. I guess then it's a good thing there are folks out there who are willing to point the way to resources that can help minimize the bitter taste of change.

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore
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