Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mentoring for Free Actions, Creating the Vision that Matters Most

Welcome back for the Second Pillar

For the Second Pillar you've got to get the best. When I say
get the best, I mean get the best tools. Get the best map, get
the best Mentor. You can find the best at Mentoring For Free.

For the best map "Success in 10 Steps"

What you want to avoid is running east looking for a sunset.
You have to stay focused on your outcome. And having the
best guarantees a much better chance for success, in a much
quicker time frame.

So here's the deal

It's really critical in your life to get a map, and get a mentor,
because the map may very well change over time. But your
mentor will be there to keep you on track and focused on your
outcome. Just like the space shuttle when it blast away from
the rocket, it's off course most of the time. But with a Mentor
there is no "Houston we have a problem"

How about that

Who has the best mentors. Someone who is the best at what
they do. Knows some shortcuts, or they know when the road
is starting to change. And can keep you on course, so you're
not stuck in the desert when you need to be at the ocean.
Modeling the best is the foundation that will put you face to
face with the giants in your chosen field. Making you ten feet
tall and bulletproof

The best kevlar vest are at Mentoring For Free

Your Friend in Success

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