Monday, July 28, 2008

Randy Gage Explains the Difference Between Earning Money and Creating Wealth in Network Marketing

The first time I remember hearing
THE STATISTIC was in my early
years of having a computer, and being
online. All the sales letter sites seemed
to be stressing the importance of it.
You’ve no doubt heard it repeated in
numerous programs and in nearly every
financial book on the market.


Well based on recent economic data, The Statistic goes like this:
Out of 100 people who reach retirement age at 65,
4 will be financially independent,
1 will be wealthy, and
95 will be broke.

This statistic has been stated various ways, and the numbers
have shifted just slightly over the years, of course mostly in the
negative direction. However, this statistic has served to wake up
the general population that they need to get their financial house
in order.

And that’s not a bad thing.

But has our obsession over preparing financially for our
"golden years" cost us dearly during our early years? Has the
need to "be a millionaire" by the time we’re 65 become too

Has it obscured our ability to live life in the present?

We were all told the same thing, you have to have the 401K plan.
You must be diversified in your stocks and bonds. The mutual
fund companies loved all the hype. They got boat loads of new
money to play with each month.

Then what happened, the dot com bust.

Does anyone remember ENRON!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Financial security and even wealth
are great assets to have as we reach our retirement years. But,
they are only assets, after all what good are millions of dollars
in the bank without loved ones to share it with, without a
purpose for which to spend it, without a healthy body and mind
to experience it?

So, yes, finances do matter. But, again, they matter only to the
degree that they help you fulfill your predetermined retirement
goals. Forget the formulas and tables that tell you how much
money you must have to retire comfortably—you are in the
driver's seat. So, rather than being frightened by
THE STATISTIC, it's much more important to ask yourself if
you pass The Freedom Test.

If not, take a fresh look at your retirement goals.

In the meantime, you should know about an important event for
you to attend. It's a webinar that Randy Gage will conduct for
Networking Times. It's about creating wealth in network
marketing. Or more accurately, the fact that so few people
actually do create wealth. Which is why more and more people
are joining in the trainings at Mentoring For Free.

It's frightening how many people in the
network marketing profession are broke.
Even many who have earned bonus checks
in the millions of dollars. Unfortunately a lot
of them have never learned the difference
between earning money and keeping any of it.
Or more specifically, taking what they have
earned and multiplying it to create wealth. And that's the topic of
the webinar Randy Gage will be doing.

You can bank on this list of topics

Learn the difference between making money and creating wealth

Find out when it's OK to leave your job - advise your people to

Discover how to "sell the dream" but still be financially sensible

Find out the biggest money mistake MLMers make; and,

Learn a powerful formula for living well, investing in your
business, yet still creating wealth.

It's coming up next week, so you need to register now if you
want to attend. To register for this Webinar and become a
community member go to Networking Times

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Bill Tessore said...

Hi Gary,

You're so right about the way wealth is so foolishly handled in the MLM industry. It puts me in mind of an old Disney cartoon of Goofey trying to drink from a colender. It's about time someone took the time to hand us a ladel!

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore