Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Network Marketing Company President Expresses Belief in Independence Day

A Message from the President:


As we approach our national July 4th holiday it is important to
remember why we celebrate this time. It is a time when we
stop and remember the fact that our forefathers fought for the
right to establish a free and independent nation where all can
live free and pursue happiness as they wish.

As I was thinking about the coming holiday I began to think about
this wonderful opportunity offered by Vitamark International.
We distribute incredible life changing products that really do
enhance one’s life and we do it through an approach that allows
Affiliates to earn substantial bonuses to become financially free.

But, this freedom doesn’t come without effort. It must be fought
for. But, in this unique industry the rewards of effort are
exponential. With nominal but consistent effort one can earn
huge bonuses that lead to complete financial freedom. It’s exciting
to see people doing that right now in Vitamark.

Everywhere we turn now days, we hear of the challenges with
the economy. And, who hasn’t noticed that gasoline prices are a
tad bit high now days. Who knows where that will go?

But, I see two groups of people.

1) Those that are paralyzed by all the negative news about
where the economy is going…and,

2) Those that are actively showing the business to everybody
they come in contact with and sponsoring folks and building
larger and larger organizations and seeing their bonus checks
consistently going higher and higher.

They understand a real important thing. And, that is the bigger
the bonus check…. the better able you are to buy more gas…
buy more high priced food…pay those house payments and move
right on up to that elite group we call “financially free”.

Without consistent effort you may “get lucky” and get there…
but, more than likely you won’t. But, with consistent effort I can
almost guarantee you will. That’s one more thing so wonderful
about our industry and Vitamark International.

It’s doable…. you can do it.

And, we have leadership groups with systems in place
that you can plug into and hang on for the ride. You don’t have
to “re-invent the wheel” just follow the proven system.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect to get started…do it now.

Don’t wait till the fall…. do it now.

Don’t wait until after the 4th of July holiday…. do it now.

Remember…there is great Power in Now!

David Bertrand

Have a Great Independence Day!

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