Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring For Free Present, 30 Days to Rewire, Create Desire, and Fuel Your Fire

Mentoring for Free and the 30 Day Cleanse, will help shield
your mind from living reactively. It can help you become wiser,
healthier and more satisfied—which is priceless compared to
any imaginable income.

It's simple to use, but not always easy

When you participate in a 30 day mental cleanse, you'll
learn the techniques to enter a complete state of mental solitude.
In other words you will stop the chatter that goes on constantly
in your mind.

Mental cleanse participants confirm the power, effectiveness,
and necessity of silencing the chatter during the all important
reprogramming process.

Here are three steps that will help you separate your mind
from your reactive brain and begin to move into your clearer,
calmer, and more reflective mind.

Step1 is making a commitment to yourself to clear the chatter.
That means turn off the TV, Radio, News, Stock Reports,
Negative people, saying anything negative about anyone.

Step 2 is while on your 30 day mental cleanse you need to read
'Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Be sure to e-mail
your mentor your thoughts from every chapter each week.....

Step 3 is to drink plenty of water. You are detoxing your mind.
Just like the rest of your body your mind, needs water as you stop
the chatter in your mind.

This life changing event will cost you nothing but your time.
Start this process if you have the spirit to take it to the finish line.
Because small minded people talk about people while brilliant
people talk about thoughts.

Is Your Life Worth 30 days ? If it is, Start NOW.

Your Friend in Success

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