Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Plan for Team Building

To excel in any team building
situation, you must have
confidence, first and foremost..
You have to know and understand
yourself and your goals. You have
to recognize and accept your
weaknesses as well as your special
talents. This requires a kind of
personal honesty that not everyone
is capable of exercising.

In addition to knowing yourself, you must continue learning
about people. In any prospecting effort, you must accept other
people as they are, not as you would like for them to be. One of
the most common faults of new leaders is impatience when the
prospective teammate is slow to understand or make a decision.

Learning the personality colors, then making a clear presentation
to qualified prospects, and understanding their view. Will take a
lot less time once you know their strengths and weaknesses. You
then understand the prospects you are calling upon.

Building your organization is challenging. It demands the utmost
of your determination, creativity and innovative thinking. The
more success you want, and the more dedicated you are to
achieving your goals, the more you'll sponsor successful team
members. Thousands of people the world over are bonding with
future members of their organization, by breaking down barriers
that once held them back. It requires you to have a daily action
plan, with focused activities designed to reach your goals.

Getting up out of bed in the morning; doing what has to be done
in order to build the most successful group. Requires you to keep
records, of your daily activities, updating your techniques to stay
ahead of the competition. Planning the direction of further team
building strategy's. All the while increasing your own knowledge
through, training courses, and personal mentoring. This all
requires a great deal of personal motivation, discipline, and
energy. But then the rewards can be beyond your wildest dreams.

Learning the personality colors, starts here: My Success Manual

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Being a mentor with a servants heart

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Zoltan - Team builder said...

Workshops that utilize free team building activities have a high success rate for raising self-esteem and creating a healthy self image. When everyone works together as a team, no-one gets left behind and each person has a chance to shine in their own way - whether as a leader or a facilitator.
That's the true advantage of any team building exercise.

SteveDeVane said...


Yes, team-building takes discipline and hard work, but it's well worth the effort. Having a great team is an important part of success.

Thanks for your valuable insight.