Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This New Edition of a Classic MLM Training, Will Raise Your Bar, With These Tough Callers

I've read that there are almost as many of us who want
a home business because they hate their job as there are
who just need the income.

When someone calls you up from some form you filled out,
they sure push BOTH those buttons.

And some of their promises and pictures can be pretty tempting.

Listen to what this guy says. And you will be able to seperate
the wheat from the chaffe, in any kind of home business.
"The Five Pillars Training,
What You Need to be Successful
in a Network Marketing Business"

Michael Dlouhy has nearly 30Years experience in this industry.
Plus he joined over 100 companies, just to see how they work.
And he tell's it all with no BULL.

This is exactly what you'll say, to make money in this business.
Can I do this? And can you help me?
Those are the question you will have after his teleseminar.

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"The Five Pillars Training,
What You Need to be Successful
in a Network Marketing Business"

If you have to do any kind of selling, you'll get a very high rate
of rejection. Does that work for you?

Can you keep at it, no matter what others may think of you?
Answer these questions before you spend your money on any
home based business opportunity

To be successful in a one-on-one business like network marketing,
you have to talk with targeted prospects and build a relationship of
"know, like, and trust."

Once they see you are a real person and that you play straight
with them, then they can begin to trust you.

They've heard from people who they don't trust at all,
and you have to overcome that.

The key skill you must master to be successful is building
relationships. That skill increases your ability in all aspects of life,
and it's a necessity.

If you're building a team that will work together.

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"Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart"
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Roxanne Green said...

The best skill you can learn is how to create those relationships. That's what has helped me build my business.

If you're serious about building a network marketing business, contact Gary and see how you can be on this call.

If you want to learn from one of the best how to be successful, he can help you.