Thursday, February 28, 2008

Panic Stricken Chickens, Losing Your Head Over Lack of MLM Success

To meet your network marketing goals (or any other goals!)
requires a patient, long-term commitment to a very good plan.

You need a high level of urgency.

Not frantic or haphazard, but definitely unwavering urgency,
uncompromising urgency ... which you drill into your team
right from the start.

We all lose focus at times. When your team loses its focus,
they generally get pretty unproductive. You need to understand
the mental picture that spurs them to urgency,
and refer them to that picture.

For some, urgency means running around like a chicken
with its head cut off. That's panic, not urgency.

When you focus tightly and you know the result you want,
then you can act with speed. You've got to do it NOW, not tomorrow,
because you can't be sure that there will be a tomorrow.

And that is really the crux of the problem.

You sure don't want to go out of this life thinking, "If only ...".

So you must feed your own urgent attitude. And you must help
each team member expand and nourish their urgent attitude.
When you have an entire team urgently building long-term, THEN
you have really done something.

So let's bring this all together.

First you yourself have to walk the talk. People need to see you
as the role model for "patient urgency."

We all have many years of bad habits to overcome. The greatest
urgency for your MLM future is to change these habits. Identify the
worst of the lot, and map out a plan to replace them.

Start NOW.

Maybe the most helpful tool you'll find is the book
"The Slight Edge", by Jeff Olson.

You learn to make little changes that combine to make a big difference.
You can spend just 2 or 3 minutes a day, if you do it consistently
every day, and over time, it will change your life.

And the biggest change you can focus on is ... getting more urgency
into pursuing your MLM opportunity. That's where you'll get the
biggest, fastest payback from.

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