Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Cant Climb a Slimy Wall

Your Internet based network marketing opportunities policies and
procedures. May be a compilation of legalese double talk.

And in your face hidden clauses.

The Direct Sellers Association, are the attorney's who work for the
network marketing companies.

Rewriting the policies and procedures. In which these in your face
hidden clauses can attack like a rattlesnake in the grass.

Mentoring For Free, beats the drum and beats the drum. About how
important it is for you to read your policies and procedures.

Or there may be no champagne wishes, and caviar dreams of sitting
on the beach. And drinking out of a coconut.

Your golden years, though they may be good.May require you to
continue working at your network marketing home based business.

That is if you still want to recieve your network marketing check.

The point is the policies and procedures, were designed by the
attorney's to protect the company. And you could be sacrificed, as
you climb the wall. To pay the attorney's, who wrote the rules.

Get your copy of the real rule book. Go Here

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Nijole said...

This is great info to know.