Monday, July 23, 2007

Puzzling Pieces of Policies and Procedures

You want to be associated with a network marketing company,
You can call home. A network marketing company where you can
build your business.

And know your income is safe for you. And for your children's, children.

Now if you have never read your network marketing companies,
policies and procedures. That is a critical mistake on your part.

That is your binding contract, with your network marketing company.

So how do you determine if your network marketing company has true
integrity. It's a simple procedure. You can determine the integrity by
the policies and procedures.

Read your contract.

These are very important pieces of the puzzle. And these five pillars
fit together, just like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece fits with the next,
to make the BIG picture.

These pieces of information, you need to pay very close attention
too. All of the pieces come together very nicely with training from
Mentoring For Free.

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