Thursday, September 13, 2007

Join in the Entrepreneurial Revolution

There is no advantage to knowing what everyone else knows.

There is no advantage in doing what everyone else does.

The advantage comes from knowing what few people know
and doing what most people won't do.

All things being considered, at the end of the day.
You can NEVER have too much of the right information.

Well, here's one of those rare opportunities to wrap your
head around some information that most people just
don't know when it comes to growing a business.

What if I did you a favor, something big, something powerful!

Something proven to help you grow your business which you
would usually have to pay for and instead of paying for it,
you simply pay it forward to 3 more people as full 'payment'.

I'm talking about some serious stuff here that could,
really, really, really help you in your business.

You may think there's a catch.

You do not have to buy anything.

There's no gimmicks.

Trevor gave it to me as a favor because he has started
his own revolution.

To help one million entrepreneurs in the next 30 days

And you get a brilliant gift to help you get more sales
plus you can help change history at the same time.

And because Trevor's my friend, I want to help him.

So do your friends a favor and help them and their businesses.

By sending every person you know who is in business or even
thinking about getting into business. To my Blog

When you understand the 'Laws of Reciprocation' like I do,
you will understand how much your life will change when you
give freely of yourself without any thoughts of getting anything
back in return.

Okay, so What is this all about?

When I first read Trevor's letter, I thought he was insane.
But I decided to take him up on his offer. To give you his
copywriting blueprint right now before he changes his mind.

World class copywriter, Trevor Crook gave me his 10 hours of
Copywriting Blueprint Audios, his proven blueprint for
creating compelling sales copy and letters which he usually
sells for $197.

Here's how it works.

You go to this site Trevor Crook

And all you have to do is volunteer to pass this on.
And the 10 hours of Copywriting Blueprint Audios
are yours for the taking.

Get them Right NOW...Right Here

I will also give you a FREE copy of the book
"Success in 10 Steps" Click Here

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