Thursday, August 9, 2007

Making A Home Business Safe For Everyone

Network marketing home business misunderstandings come from
not reading your contract. Otherwise known as the policies and

Please don't let this happen to you, and your family. Don't let the
coporate bigwigs bully you with the threat of a commision check.

"Company may terminate the status of any distributor
at it's sole discretion. Without cause by giving 30 days
notice to the distributor."

What this could mean is they don't really intend to take your money.
But if they should have some trouble in the future.

They have given themselves an out. By taking your check to
satisfy their financial well being.

And you are left with zero. Does anyone remember "Enron"

So the next time you get pitched or spammed. About the today's
new great online home business.

With the next great Wizbangatron 9000 thingamajig. Ask them to
show you the policies and procedures.

If You are unsure what kind of things you need to look for.
Here is a recording for you to listen to. Just Click Here

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